Huawei Mate 9 2 Year Review: Revival

I first purchased the Huawei Mate 9 in January of 2017. I was incredibly excited for the first launch of a flagship Huawei phone in the US. Unfortunately, compared to my P9 Plus, P9, and even my Honor 8, the Mate 9 did not fair well. It was mostly hampered by software bugs that were clearly a side affect of a phone not prepared for a US launch. Within two weeks of purchasing the phone, I returned it to Best Buy and went back to my Note 5.

Now nearly two years after its release, the Mate 9 has fallen out of the limelight. It’s largely forgotten in the eyes of the tech press, as most two year old phones are. With the Mate 10 Pro and now the Mate 20 Pro, Huawei has joined the club of manufacturers producing sleek, glass phones with small bezels and screen notches.

I was lucky enough to come across a Mate 9 at a deep discount, and I decided to drop my SIM card and see just how well it fares against its more modern competitors.

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HP Spectre 13 Review: No Flipping Nonsense

Although I had mostly positive things to say about the latest Spectre x360, I still am not convinced that convertible 2-in-1s are the ideal all-around devices. Most of the work I do on a day to day basis can be done on a traditional clamshell laptop, which is why I’m really excited to get the chance to use the Spectre 13 inch. The first appearance of the new Spectre design that arrived a couple years ago was incredibly impressive, but it received mixed reviews due to a few shortcomings. HP now has had a generation or two to refine the details, and I’m excited to check it out.

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Samsung Galaxy Book Review: Quietly Decent

My search continues to find a suitable successor to the Surface RT. I might be the only person in the world doing so. But the fact is, there’s a special place in my heart for the tablet that defined the original 2-in-1.

My search has lead me to the Samsung Notebook Pro 10-inch, which is no surprise considering it is one of the few 10-inch flagship 2-in-1’s with modern hardware.

Note: I wrote this review before the Surface Go was released, but I wanted to still post it because it is a very different device from the Surface Go.

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Surface Go Review: Return of the King?

Months after I started my quest searching high and low for a modern Surface RT, Microsoft announced the Surface Go. It  received a lot of press coverage, and Microsoft largely was pitching it as a completely new product rather than a refinement of the Surface 3. While they have come a long way from the Surface 3, this is not the revolution I was hoping for, and I largely attribute that to the software rather than the hardware. That being said, the Surface Go is still one of the most interesting products of 2018.

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Blackberry Key2 Review: The Best Second Phone You’ll Own

I was never a Blackberry fanatic. I remember a few people in high school being big fans of them, but I never caught on, and they weren’t very popular among my demographic growing up. When I left college, I was actually excited to get a Blackberry as my work phone. Something about the separation of my work phone and personal phone felt reassuring to me, as though I could more easily mentally separate my work and home life.

In my time as a professional I moved from a Blackberry Bold to a larger Blackberry Classic, and loved them both. My company disabled texting and the app store, so the device was only good for calls, email, and the occasional brick breaker.

It’s 2018, and Blackberry as we knew it is no longer. The new Blackberry has made Android phones for a few years. The most recent of which, the BlackBerry Key2, is the most intriguing phone I’ve used this year.

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Spectre x360 Late 2017 Quick Look: Perfecting a Concept

Last year, I found a great deal on a Spectre x360 13-inch that was good enough to convert my girlfriend from her MacBook. I was impressed with the capability of such a thin device, and thought it was a good purchase. Unfortunately, after a couple months we started experiencing issues with the fan and the temperature, as the device often got very hot to the point it was unusable. With the release of Intel’s 8th Gen Core processors, I was excited to see if HP had recovered.

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