My Favorite Smartphone(s)

I am incredibly picky when it comes to smartphones. I believe that our personal smartphone has become so integral to our lives that it is shortsighted to not find the device that is perfect for you. I have yet to find one device that covers all of my requirements, but I have a few devices I would readily recommend to anyone today:

Honor 8: The Honor-dog


I purchased the (Huawei) Honor 8 last year, to replace the Huawei P9 that I had unfortunately sold. The Honor was not quite as capable as the P9, but it was significantly cheaper. Here’s a quick overview of what matters:

  • 5.2″ inch screen, with relatively large bezels – making for a size somewhere between an iPhone and an iPhone Plus. It fits perfectly in my hands, and is not too large to use with one hand comfortably
  • Dual cameras, one monochrome and one color. Not quite as good as most flagships, but good enough for capturing memories
  • The fastest and most convenient rear-mounted fingerprint sensor I have ever used. Seriously. It is lightning fast, and in the perfect spot on the back of the phone where your finger naturally rests. I frequently find my self unlocking and locking the phone just for the experience.
  • Great price point – the device was first priced at $400, but came down pretty quickly.

This phone is honestly the best all-around phone I have ever used. There are seldom any problems with performance, and it just feels great in the hands.

Motorola Moto Z Play: Cheap and Versatile


The last two years, Motorola has moved towards a modular design for their top-end phones. It seems to have received mixed reviews, and I can’t tell if it will last. But the Moto Z Play released last year is a statement towards making great, versatile phones at low prices. This is what makes it awesome:

  • Modularity, at a reasonable price. I don’t think anyone would have been happy if only $700+ smartphones were compatible with Moto Mods. For those that don’t know, Moto Mods are modular accessories that magnetically connect to the back of your phone to give it more functionality. It’s still a work in progress, but it has the option of taking a relatively boring phone and making it awesome.
  • Crazy long battery life, with strong performance. Qualcomm (smartphone processor manufacturer) knocked it out of the part with their mid-range Snapdragon 625. This is truly the first phone that I used with a 600 series processor that I didn’t want to throw out of the window because it was so slow. And I consistently get 2 days battery life with the phone. It is very reassuring not worrying about plugging my phone in every time I’m near an outlet

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