Spectre x360 Late 2017 Quick Look: Perfecting a Concept

Last year, I found a great deal on a Spectre x360 13-inch that was good enough to convert my girlfriend from her MacBook. I was impressed with the capability of such a thin device, and thought it was a good purchase. Unfortunately, after a couple months we started experiencing issues with the fan and the temperature, as the device often got very hot to the point it was unusable. With the release of Intel’s 8th Gen Core processors, I was excited to see if HP had recovered.

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Huawei MateBook X Pro Review: They Did It Again


The Huawei MateBook X released last year was my favorite compact laptop of the year. The device checked so many boxes, and considering it was Huawei’s first true laptop, it was damn impressive. Not wanting to be viewed as iterative, Huawei then announced the MateBook X Pro, which showed a notable improvement in screen size and performance. Now having used the MateBook X Pro for over a month, I can already say that it is the best premium laptop you can buy today.

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iPhone X Re-Review: A Refreshing Trip Down Frustration Lane

In anticipation of Apple’s upcoming announcement of the iPhone X2 (XI? 11?), I decided to revisit my iPhone X to see if it had improved since my previous review. For those without the time to read it, the TLDR was the X was almost good enough to take me away from my several year streak of using Android phones as my daily drivers.

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OnePlus 6 Review: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Read my OnePlus 5T review and you’ll see I gave OnePlus a gold star for finally reducing the amount of compromises to the point where I would recommend the phone. I was impressed with the build quality, the screen, the speed, and the price. But the OnePlus 5T is no longer the newest phone OnePlus produces. The OnePlus 6, released earlier this year, has a number of notable changes that make it a compelling offering at $529.

Unfortunately, the changes made are not all necessarily improvements.

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Samsung Galaxy S9+ Review: The One to Beat

The last Samsung phone I used as a daily driver was the Note 5. While I’ve been interested in trying one ever since, I have been pushed away by the constant claims that Samsung has a terrible software experience. The Galaxy S8 looked compelling, but I know that something as simple as the fingerprint sensor placement would have made me hate that phone. So the release of the S9, while otherwise very similar to the S8, excited me.

So I dove in with Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S9+, and surprised to find that there were only a few software “features” that I wasn’t interested in, and found quite an incredible phone otherwise.

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Huawei Mate 10 Pro Review: More Than Enough

I have been a big fan of Huawei since trying out the P9 over two years ago. I found the P9 to be an incredible phone with outstanding design and photography prowess. Since then, I have owned nearly 10 Huawei and Honor phones. I was very excited when the Mate 9 was released in the United States unlocked last year, but unfortunately there were some major sticking points that kept me from recommending it. This year, I was hoping for a redemption with the Mate 10 Pro. Huawei went through some big hurdles in an attempt to sell the device through US carriers, only to be shut down by the US government.

The Mate 10 Pro might be one of the best phones that you can get in the US, but it is not the best phone that Huawei is produced. And being a big Huawei fan, that’s disappointing to me. But this is an incredible phone that should be more than good enough to get Apple and Samsung owners to consider switching.

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